eDot hates to see great ideas unable to grow that is why we use our own fund which we use to invest in high potential digital business or technologies. eDot carefully chooses their investees and provides them with hands on support, together with finance to help  you onto a path to creating a successful company.

Through eDot's extensive network we can also match your business with global and local investment to suit your companies needs.  Our passion is connecting innovation and investment for inspiring and high potential tech startups.

This can be from Idea to Prototype, Prototype to Market Test, right up to Full Market Entry


eDot is always on the look out for interesting apps and technology that has not traversed into a fully fledged business. In some cases, eDot will endeavor to acquire your application either in full or in part with a view to developing it further into a profitable global business.   


Collectively eDot has worked across a vast multitude of digital and IT projects over the years and we help investors and VC's make informed decisions regarding their investments into Digital Technology Companies.

This expertise has proven crucial in helping Investors and VC clients to mitigate their risks in regard to these types of investments.      


Our Mission

To connect the dots between investment and innovation.


The eDot team have worked across every industrial vertical and helped over 300 companies achieve their digital business growth
— John O'Donovan CTO for Dow Jones Products and Platforms