Today, we are pleased to publicly announce the launch of our unique coworking offering: eDot Connect. This has been an integral part to mission from the start: connecting the dots between innovation and investment. We can now offer a coworking space that provides the real resources that startups, SME’s and freelancers need.

The coworking space has been in the making for a while now, the perfect location and space was extremely important to us. As serendipity would have it, the space right above our office became available and we immediately knew that this was the right place for us to begin our Coworking Disruptor. Which means that the eDot team is always on hand and close by for the support and advice that those in the space will need.

Connect was created out of a market need for coworking spaces to truly service the people that work in them. Enabling them with the resources that are only are available to large corporations. Our talented team of mentors are from all over the globe: Cameroon, China, America, Ireland and the UK with experience at the highest professional level.

eDot Connect’s sister company eDot Invest has already begun to populate the space already with its portfolio companies. kMap moved in just over a month ago, and have been reaping the benefits of mentorship, central location and the culture of entrepreneurship. kMap have been in and out of the office, doing mini-workshops, consulting with eDot mentors, subsequently developing, and growing at an impressive rate. kMap have not only benefited from working in the environment but tapping into the global network that eDot has at their fingertips.

(Alan, Kieran and Russel (kMap) in a workshop)

We have had many submissions, thus far, to work in the coworking space, along with some of our portfolio companies which have begun moving in. This has given us the opportunity to carefully handpick the people that will be the driving force behind Connect, crafting and honing the ecosystem for excellence.

Investment, whether it be through eDot’s investment vehicle, eDot Invest, or through mentoring with eDot Connect wants to aid the growth each company that comes through the doors. It is fundamental that within the walls of eDot Connect there is continually a drive to improve and grow quickly their business. The eDot experience is of growth and it is endemic within our walls. That experience is now something that we can offer to people outside of the eDot portfolio for the first time.

Work happens here, innovation happens here and creation happens here.

eDot is already is disrupting models that are currently in place, our footprint is being felt in the tech ecosystem here.

If you think that this is the place that you would like to work; submit an application

Welcome to eDot Connect.